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Animals of the Continents

Are you WILD about animals?

Here are some websites that can help you learn more!

  1. National Geographic or NAT GEO KIDS is a great website. Their magazine and website has been around for decades and is the best place to find facts and photos of your favorite animals.

  2. Enchanted Learning is a great place to start your research. You can use the link to the left to learn ALL about MAMMALS or scroll down to learn about birds , fish , reptiles , amphibians and much more!

  3. kiddle is a kids search engine. It's like having the entire internet but just for KIDS! Use the link to the left to learn about animals.

  4. Science Kids is fun website out of New Zealand that has a lot to explore!

  5. Sciencing is a great site recommended recommended by a student, E, and its search engine will lead you to many adventures.


  1. Do you want to help your child learn more at home? There are some great websites designed for homeschoolers or just parents looking for a project:

  2. Living Montessori Now has ideas for animal activities. The link to the left is to the same activity that we have in the Axolotl classroom in 2022. This website has lots of printables and downloads that I use in the classroom.

  3. Gift of Curiosity has many ideas for fun activities to do with your young child. Check here for ideas on animals, landforms, geography, and much more.

  4. Enchanted Learning , mentioned above, has many simple research activities for kids. Also, you can print out fact sheets, quizzes, and much more. Their subscription site has cleaner printouts but the free version linked above has plenty for the occasional rainy afternoon.

  5. Here are 8 more sites from Scholastic !

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