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Babycake's Book Stack

I love Babycake's Bookstack. I first walked into the magical world on a bus about 6 years ago. She's been driving her magical bus full of literary treasures to Farmer's Markets in Minneapolis for at least that long. Back then, I think this was the only Black owned bookstore in the Twin Cities. (Unless you count Mind's Eye comics which has great single issues and graphic novels.

At a time when I was looking for better representation in picture and chapter books, Babycake's owner, Zsame' was the answer.

You will find MANY treasures in her bookmobile, including the I Am Every Good Thing ( which I bought from Babycakes). If you are not lucky enough to find her bookmobile at a book fair or Farmer's Market near you, please consider ordering from her website! They deliver!

If you want to gift a book to a child or to my classroom, please consider purchasing a gift certificate.


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