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Eat This, Book!

It all started with pupusas.

My kid is back at his Montessori preschool for what might be his last hoorah! He starts kindergarten at a Spanish Immersion school in the fall. For summer session, Cosmos Montessori, likes to do a theme for every week.

( By the way, if you're looking for a Montessori school where kids and teachers are speaking Spanish, your child is loved, and independence is encouraged, I HIGHLY recommend this school for your 3 - 6 year old kid.)

The theme this week is cooking and food. They're making pupusas! I would love to see an around the world global cook book focusing just on baked goods.

Samosa, burrito,

quieres comer conmigo?

Fry it in a pan,

Eat some flan?

Every culture's got a wrap!

a donut, or a calzone!

Let's explore, kids!

The whole world is your home!

But, until, I write that book, this week I'm looking for the


I'll be looking for books from my local Minneapolis- St.Paul libraries and bookstores that feature

  1. Picture books

  2. Cooking

  3. Children

  4. Culture

  5. Community & Family

No easy readers for me. And we have plenty of books on the market that center Whiteness. What else you got?

Here are some of the blogs & sites I consulted in my search:

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