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Fall Down 7, Get up 8

Help! I just purchased a domain name and I don't even know how to add a page or section to my blog!

But, the awesome thing about resilience and a growth mindset is this becomes an awesome opportunity for finding a workaround.

So here's my emerging list of blogs I want to read and follow:

And here's what I have to say on the topic of...


I love mistakes. I welcome failures. The road to success is paved with both. #ThomasEdison.

There are so many tails of inventors or inventions that started with mistakes.

Ken Robinson, rest his soul, made a career out of pointing out how conformity and fear of failure can ruin creativity.

And Miles Davis probably said it best....

There are no 'mistakes' it's really just about choices. Don't like your choice? Choose differently next time. I mean, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem is a catchy tune with a passionate message but I don't really believe in Once in a Lifetime chances. And if you're really motivates, I feel you make your opportunities!

Luck = Opportunity meets Preparation.

As I say in my as yet unpublished MG novel, " being in the right place at the right time is overrated. Try to hang out in the right place as often as possible, and eventually the right time comes."

This is both a samurai principle and good Chess strategy.

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