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Welcome to the Axolotl Home

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Origin Story

I was born in New York city in the 70's.

I’ve been teaching since the 1990’s.

So you know

  • I'm awesome

  • I'm likely a crime fighting detective by night

  • I was there for the birth of Hip Hop

  • I remember a time before free wifi and free range tik tok destroyed our ability to think straight

  • "I'm old and I like to lie." - Shonda

I made most of my big decisions in life when I was still rockin' underoos and they haven't changed much. My first middle grade novel series was titled Risk Man and featured a Secret Agent with Spy Gadgets. I kept the word count low and the readability high because I was only 7 years old at the time and hadn't really learned to spell yet. Unfortunately, I was unagented at the time so those works were lost to time.

My teaching career mostly began in Japan. I vividly remember coloring that first Daruma eyeball when I set my sights on finally having my own classroom. It took me awhile but teaching is basically the only J-O-B I've ever held. I've never not been on an academic year schedule.

I've taught in 5 universes so far-- MN, NOLA, NYC, Japan and Taiwan -- while learning 4 languages. Fun Fact: I'm Jewish. I was Bar Mitzvahed. I can order beer or coffee in 4 languages but none of them are Hebrew nor Yiddish.

In 2016, my first/last/only child was born and I've loved every minute of becoming a dad. It's a lot like teaching-- everyday is different, and I never quite feel capable enough.

So, by 2022, I have...

  • become a teacher

  • become a father

  • performed onstage at the Minnesota Fringe Festival (about becoming a father)

But I have not published a book........YET.

This blog will be devoted to my journey to becoming a published author. Here you will find content such as:

  1. Tips for teaching Littles to continue to be decent humans

  2. Which children's books are most awesome

  3. The coming of age story of a young boy trying to make his debut in the cut throat world of publishing

  4. All the advice you can HANDLE on comic books, children's lit, sports, video games, chess, improv, games, language learning, basketball, writing, and more!

Welcome to triple threat!


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